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MSN Apps for Windows 10

Jan - June 2015, Information & Content Experiences(ICE) | ASG | Microsoft

As Common UX designer, I led overall information architecture, the visual design of common elements such as hero, navigation bar, flexible grid system and article reader.

Flexible Grid
From mobile phone to large display desktop, to make truly Universal Windows App, I have developed flexible grid system which was used as the guideline for designing our content responsive/adaptive. This grid system was designed with consideration of our various types of content such as images of the articles, headline texts, videos and structured data.

As a signature element of our apps since Windows 8, I have explored various types of the hero to achieve visual impact, brand personality as well as content accessibility.

Navigation System
Collaborated with Windows design team to figure out the best navigation system to our apps and to align design details with other inbox apps.

Article Reader
Aggregated design iterations in previous platforms, analyzed, extracted core design features we want to achieve on Windows 10. In the design process, I made various Article Reader prototypes with Objective-C on iPad to test design ideas such as article transitions, film strip UI, inline videos, and pull-quotes. Closely collaborated with PMs and Devs to achieve best content consumption experience in various types of constraints.

Role CUX Designer
Date Jan - June 2015
Platform Windows 10
Status Shipped - Default app of Windows 10
Press The Verge