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Interaction between stock market prices and news articles of the New York Times
Adobe Design Achievement Awards(ADAA) 2010 Semifinalist

Interactive information design, visualizing the relationships between the stock market price of a company and the number of articles that mentioned the company in the New York Times.

Users can select from the list of Fortune 100 companies in 14 different industries and navigate through daily information of the Dow Jones Index, stock price and the number of articles that mentioned the company. When users click on a specific date, it retrieves the headlines of the article, which contain the company’s name.

Work type Team work with Seung Kang
Did Visual, UI design, Programming
Length 1.5 months
Environment Flash with ActionScript3.0 (Visualizer) Apache, MySQL, PHP, XML, JSON, CSV Yahoo Finance data New York Times article search API
Dimension 1000x600px (Full screen supported)
Demo URL Click here to view the project
Award Semifinalist in Adobe ADAA 2010

This project was selected as semifinalist in Adobe ADAA 2010!